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Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Leadership...what is your definition?

Leadership is just about as easy to describe as love is.  Sometimes it is just better to experience some things rather than describe them.  I wonder how many people have had a significant and inspiring experience with a leader.  Are there some that have never experienced good leadership, and as a result, have a warped sense of power and authority?

"Leadership is the ability of a superior to influence the behavior of a subordinate or group and persuade them to follow a particular course of action." — Chester Bernard

While I think that this is an accurate definition of leadership, I don't think it tells the whole story.  Have you ever been led by someone who isn't a superior?

So, tell your story.  What makes a good leader?


  1. Honored to be your first follower and anxious to watch the discussion unfold.

  2. Welcome to blog-land, Eric!

    Leadership? Some people just have that magnetism & draws people in. Wish I knew what that was exactly. :)

  3. Magnetism...this is an important aspect of leadership. What made you choose this as an attribute of a leader?

  4. Cherish, you would think I would get this out of my system in class right?

  5. I think like many other words "Leadership" is a very vague term, and understood differently by many different people. Also I am not sure if what the church should see as a great leader is the same thing the secular world would deem a great leader.
    When I hear the word leader I think of a CEO and I don't think the church needs CEO leaders I think it needs more Mother Teresa leaders. Leaders by example and not by dominance. Although I guess you could make an argument Paul was pretty pushy sometimes